FAQ – Templates and Template Kits

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get frequently asked regarding our site, template and template kits.

What is Templateberg?

A collection of pre-designed template and template kits library for WordPress.
Templateberg includes a variety of templates for all kinds of websites from any niche to multipurpose including blog, magazine, eCommerce, travel, business, medical, construction, photography, education, fitness, automotive, portfolio, restaurant, multipurpose and much more.
Templateberg facilitates to import of pre-designed template with starter content on the user website so that user can quickly build a beautiful website with WordPress.

What is a Gutenberg block?

A section of a website page created with Gutenberg or Gutenberg Addons plugin. It is the most modern way to design a website. The possibility is endless to create any page design by importing and combing the block section.

What is a Gutenberg template?

A full-page pre-designed of a single page of a website with starter content created with Gutenberg block. It can be a home page, about, service, contact, pop-ups, products, pricing or any landing pages.

What is a Gutenberg template kit?

A collection of cohesive pre-designed Gutenberg templates with all pages for a niche/multipurpose website focusing on a similar design concept.

What is Gutentor?

Gutentor is a WordPress plugin based on WordPress Block (Gutenberg) Editor, modern drag & drop WordPress page builder. Know more about it on Gutentor official website.

What is a WordPress Theme Template Kit?

A pre-designed starter content for a specific theme that you can simply import on your site with a click.
In other words, it can be called Demo Content for the theme.

How Gutenberg Template Kit is different from Theme Template Kit?

Gutenberg Template Kit is designed on WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor whereas Theme Template Kit is designed for the specific theme.
Templates from Gutenberg Template Kits can be imported individually on a single page/post but when you import Theme Template Kit all content and pages import at once.
Gutenberg Template Kit will work on any Theme but Theme Template Kit will work on a single theme it is created from.

Does the pricing of premium templates have recurring billing?

No, The pricing is for one time only. There is no monthly or annual recurring billing for Template Kits and Templates.